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Logo ACOnet

ACOnet is the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN) and is operated by the University of Vienna. ACOnet offers its members advanced high-performance network access to the pan-European Research and Education Community (GÉANT) and the public Internet. ACOnet is a resilient fibre optic backbone network infrastructure connecting about 200 Austrian organisations such as universities, research facilities, universities of applied sciences, libraries, museums, medical institutions, ministries and local authorities.


  • Christian Panigl | Head of ACOnet
  • Renate Kreil | Idea, Concept, Project Management on behalf of ACOnet
  • Mariann Unterluggauer | netAffair Support on behalf of ACOnet
  • Michael Auß | Software Developer
  • Kurt Bauer | Network and Systems Engineer, Identity Federation, Certificates
  • Romana Cravos | Coordination net:25, Project Manager
  • Christine Dworak | Typo3 Engineer, Events, public relations
  • Harald Michl | Operational Coordination
  • Michael Perzi | Network and Systems Engineer, LIR, Administration of participants
  • Monika Schneider | Network and Systems Engineer
  • Peter Schober | Systems Engineer, Identity Federation
  • Tina Stadlmann | Administration
  • Robert Wein | Network and Systems Engineer, Monitoring
  • Wilfried Wöber | International Issues, Security