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near in the distance 2 was an interactive sound and dance performance. Technology and science became the allies of the artistic concept and followed the lead of the protagonists.

© Gerard Spee
© Gerard Spee

All pictures of the performance you will find in our photo gallery.
The video of the performance you will find here.

near in the distance 2 was a production of ACOnet (the Austrian science and research network) in cooperation with the mdw-Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, international science networks and art and cultural institutions. 

Spread out in different locations across the globe, musicians, dancers and visual artists were in contact with each other over high-speed audio/video transmission technology and responded live to the signals they have sent and received in real-time.
The stage of hall G of Viennas MuseumsQuartier complex and the ensemble in Vienna formed the centre of the action. The images produced are processed simultaneously, reaching the audience in the form of an interactive “collage”. In this unique production the audience experiences time and space, physical presence and absence melding together. The stage experience blurred time and space, as well as physical presence and absence. 
Regardless where the artists were located - in Barcelona, Ljubljana, New York, Judenburg or Prague or whether they communicated via their bodies or instruments - the huge challenge of this production was to overcome and/or synchronise the latency which occurs in image and sound due to the various distances.

Artists such as the musician and composer Rupert Huber or Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann of konic thtr (Barcelona) have long been referring in their widely noted network projects to the synergistic confluence of various disciplines, skills and genres. This time they were composing, choreographing, programming and performing for near in the distance 2 with Richard Dorfmeister, Antye Greie-Ripatti aka AGF, Chris Eckman, Dominik Grünbühel and Victoria Macarte, among others. 

date: 25th Juni 2015, 20:00
timezone: Vienna 08:00 pm CEST
place: MuseumsQuartier Vienna - Hall G - Museumsplatz 1 - 1070 Wien