net:25 Event Trilogy

Gleanings of net:future and net:science

The programmes of the two days with links to the presentations including the slides are available at net:future & net:science.

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Here is a short movie with the highlights of the net:25 conference

Gleanings of net:art

The highlight of our net:25 trilogy was net:art, an interactive sound and dance performance labelled "near in the distance 2". Spread out in different locations around the globe, musicians, dancers and visual artists got in touch with each other over high-speed audio/video transmission technology and responded to the signals sent and received in real time.

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Movie of the performance

Photos of net:25

All Photos about net:25 are available in the Photo Gallery.

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650 Years of University of Vienna, 25 Years of Internet in Austria, 25 Years of ACOnet

In Cooperation with ISPA and Vienna University of Technology

The University of Vienna is celebrating its 650th Anniversary in 2015 and also the Vienna University of Technology has its 200th birthday. 25 years ago the foundation of the Austrian Internet was laid at the University of Vienna and at the same time ACOnet was founded at the TU Vienna. Thus ACOnet joins the celebrations with our event-trilogy "net:future", "net:science" and "net:art".


In August 1990 the foundation of the Austrian Internet has been laid at the University of Vienna. At that time the first (IP protocol based) leased line was set up between the University of Vienna and CERN in Geneva and put into production: "Vienna is up and running".


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