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Programme Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Main Ceremonial Chamber of the University of Vienna
Universit├Ątsring 1, 1010 Vienna

12:00 | Registration

13:00 | Opening and Welcome

Karl Schwaha, Vice Rector of the University of Vienna
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13:15 | Keynote 1: Unreal objects and net futures

Speaker: Kate O'Riordan, Reader in Media, University of Sussex
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13:45 | Panel 1: Critical Engineering or critical thinking?

Moderation: Brigitte Krenn, Language and Interaction Technologies, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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  • <b>Kate O'Riordan</b>, Reader in Media, University of Sussex
  • <b>Joanna J. Bryson</b>, Reader in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath
  • <b>Julian Oliver</b>, Artist and Critical Engineer
  • <b>Lars Persen</b>, Teacher, school and pedagogical leader at Norwegian Scandec Systemer

14:55 Brief presentation of the funding programme "netidee"

15:00 | Coffee Break

15:30 | Panel 2: Hyperconnected Tools and the call for a digital policy

Moderation: Mirjam K├╝hne, RIPE Labs, RIPE NCC
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  • <b>Jessica Barker</b>, Cyber Security Consultant
  • <b>Phil Zimmermann</b>, Creator of Pretty Good Privacy
  • <b>Louis Pouzin</b>, Creator of Datagrams, Open Root, Internet-Activist
  • <b>Felix Stalder</b>, Professor of Digital Culture and Network Theories at the Zurich University of the Arts

16:45 | Coffee Break

17:15 | Panel 3: Dreaming big. Data versus Humans?

Moderation: Peter Purgathofer, Professor at the Faculty for Computer Science, TU Wien
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  • <b>Bruce Sterling</b>, Science Fiction Author
  • <b>Rafael Capurro</b>, Institute for Digital Ethics, Stuttgart Media University
  • <b>Danese Cooper</b>, Open Source Software, Paypal

18:30 | Keynote 2: Line, Backbone, Net, Web, Cloud, Ubiquity -- And What Comes After That?

Speaker: Bruce Sterling, Science Fiction Author
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19:00 | Brief presentation streaming project state opera Vienna and "The Salome Experience"

Speaker: Christopher Widauer, Wiener Staatsoper and Peter Reichl, Faculty for Computer Science at the University of Vienna
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19:15 Buffet

20:00 | Live Streaming of the Opera "Salome" with Buffet

In cooperation with the streaming team of the Wiener Staatsoper, the research groups COSY (University of Vienna) and IGW (TU Wien)